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SharePoint 2013 with ADFS

Welcome to Sysgain’s test drive on AWS. Using this test drive, we would like to showcase our expertise in integrating Sharepoint 2013 with on-premises identity stores like Active Directory and implement claims-based authentication within Sharepoint 2013.

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Media Portal on SharePoint 2013

In 30 minutes you will provision a SharePoint 2013 environment customized to provide a rich media portal experience to view videos and documents and create a social collaboration experience using Yammer/Twitter. The lab has been optimized by storing all videos on Amazon S3 and distributed via Amazon CloudFront CDN.

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Metalogix Replicator

With Metalogix Replicator, synchronize your entire SharePoint environment to connect SharePoint farms and users across versions, locations and networks and improve productivity and for your entire organization.

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Microsoft Analysis Services

The fact that Microsoft Analysis Services works well in the cloud opens up a range of new possibilities to analytical solutions implementation.. OPUS Software developed this lab to demonstrate full functioning of Analysis Services on AWS cloud. To access the analytical database, you will use Opus Analytics, an application developed to simplify querying multidimensional databases via web.

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Esri Maps for SharePoint

In this lab we will fully provision Esri Maps for SharePoint mapping software in less than 30 minutes utilizing the enterprise collaboration platform of SharePoint 2013 running on AWS. To explore Esri spatial analytics features, we will use open FEMA data set on Esri base map to correlate Federal funding share allocation over $10m for individual counties to population in each county.

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Exchange 2013

In this lab we will provision a private Exchange 2013 environment in less than 15 minutes on Amazon Web Services and provide OWA access to your new mail system. The lab will also show you the new ECP admin experience in Exchange 2013.

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SharePoint 2013

In this lab we will provision a private SharePoint 2013 environment in about 20 minutes on Amazon Web Services. Customers can use a pre-built site collection, and manage everything via Central Administrator.

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NoSQL Intro

This test drive will present a quick overview of OBIEE 11g and allow users to create reports and dashboards for themselves. The lab uses version of Oracle BI and showcases the following features: adhoc reports, graphs, maps, and color-coding.

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OEM 12c Cloud Control - Monitoring Essentials

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c delivers built-in manageability for the entire cloud lifecycle across your private and hybrid clouds. This lab provides an overview of OEM 12c navigation, auto discovery, monitoring, management and reporting features. Try this lab to gain insight into OEM 12c Monitoring Essentials.

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OEM 12c Cloud Control - BI Management

The Oracle BI EE Management pack leverages Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c’s broad set of capabilities in configuration management, application performance management and service level management to provide a centralized systems management solution for Oracle BI EE and Oracle BI Applications.Try this lab to gain hands-on experience of BI Management capabilities of OEM12c.

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OEM 12c Intro

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c helps private and public cloud service providers deliver cloud services up to ten times faster while freeing up administration resources.

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NoSQL Intro

Oracle NoSQL Database provides a powerful and flexible transaction model that greatly simplifies the process of developing a NoSQL-based application. It scales horizontally with high availability and transparent load balancing even when dynamically adding new capacity.

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Test Drive Shadow-Soft's integrated business process management solution. Login as an administrator, create and explore the sample repository, and load custom repositories with additional sample data in under 60 minutes. Powered by open source software including Red Hat JBoss BRMS, JBoss Operations Network and OC Systems RTI Application Performance Management, integrated and deployed on AWS in minutes.

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File Sharing and Synchronization

In this test drive, you will see the ownCloud application deployed as an OpenShift Enterprise Application (also known as a Gear). From the main OpenShift Enterprise console, you will be able to view the components that supported the ownCloud application including MySQL and PHP.

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BPM Loan

In this Test Drive, users will interact with sample business workflows and process flows that demonstrate functionality after integrating JBoss BPM into an enterprise application. Users will modify a mortgage application's business flow, with the ability to see approvals and denials and make changes on the fly. The Test Drive will demonstrate how Red Hat’s JBoss middleware solutions allow for application agility and easy integration as well as how AWS facilitates faster time to market.

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Splunk 6 Intro

Our Intro to Splunk 6 on Windows lab is intended to allow users to get their hands on a deployment of the latest version of Splunk released on October 1, 2013! The environment consists of one Windows 2008R2 server running a central Splunk instance configured as an Indexer and Search Head. Performance data (i.e. CPU & memory utilization) and log data such as security events, etc. are pre-configured to be indexed, locally for the Windows server. We have also configured a couple test data generators to provide some additional interesting demonstration data for use during your evaluation.

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Compliance in Big Data - MongoDB

Test Drive the Vormetric Data Security Platform to experience how easy it is to secure and control your Big Data and take the first step towards assuring compliance.

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Privileged user access

Test Drive the Vormetric Data Firewall for AWS to experience how easy it is to secure and control your data in AWS.

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Agile WorkPort

Agile WorkPort from Cognizant is a collaborative and transparent way to deliver software with distributed agile teams. The intuitive UI expedites onboarding, and contextual collaboration increases agility while enabling faster, better decision-making and improved productivity.

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